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 Varrio Los Aztecas Using Team PM's/Radios.

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PostSubject: Varrio Los Aztecas Using Team PM's/Radios.   Mon Jul 26, 2010 2:16 pm

TPM and Radios Will be Disabled.
I have made an idea to make ''Pagers'' which could be more useful.
And for beaing releastic,every Sureno does NOT have a Radio on him,which he contacts every second when he is bored. If you will use OOC in Pager,to contact someone,i will take hard action in this.
Usage will be Simple. (Name to contact)| (Massage)
For example - ( ALL| Everyone to Varrio! )
Also,using Cellphone. It is more RP than pager of course,so i suggest you to do it.
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Varrio Los Aztecas Using Team PM's/Radios.
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