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 Varrio Los Aztecas gang roleplay.

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PostSubject: Varrio Los Aztecas gang roleplay.   Mon Jul 26, 2010 2:47 pm

As you already see,i am going hard here. Yes indeed,im giving all my ideas and effort to make this faction.
And i am sure this will sucess.
Our RP is Hispanic and Anti-Narcotics. You will not have some puppets in your house,and having fun with them. No,you will carry a gun,and protect the hood.
Gang is made for ''Blood in Blood Out'',which means you can quit only with your death,or Escape RP'ly / IC'ly.
Joining this gang will be almost inpossible,and asking for /invite will slowly ban you from the faction.
I exspect to see RP in this gang,and from other gangs so as well.
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Varrio Los Aztecas gang roleplay.
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