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 Varrio Los Aztecas Gang Story.

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PostSubject: Varrio Los Aztecas Gang Story.   Varrio Los Aztecas Gang Story. I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 27, 2010 1:42 am

Varrio Los Aztecas Gang Story. Gente-varrios
#1 The Begining
Chapter 1,The Vialpando's.

Cesar Vialpando was born alone in his family with his parents Diego and Angelica. During the imigrantal movement, Vialpando family were forced to move out of Mexico for a better life. As there were Serval adverts in News about Los Santos Car Dealership,Diego though Los Santos would be best place to go. Cesar with his Father Diego and mother Angelica moved to Los Santos as Imigrants,to small place called ''El Corona''. Diego picked up El Corona,because the job was almost crossing the street.
As Cesar Reached his age of 7,father forced him to go to Primary School.

Varrio Los Aztecas Gang Story. Z0mirtdva94v4huldwq

Chapter 2,Birth of Aztecas.

Every single day,while he head to his Primary School,he saw many new mexicans,talking around there. Cesar ignored them,and passed by,acting he didn't saw them. Only two of those kids were studying in Primary School, Felipe,Juan and Alberto. Cesar became friends with Juan until second class.
When was school almost ended,Juan asked him to hang out with him. Cesar were really happy of course,and accepted his offer. Juan made Cesar new friends,statis Alberto and Felipe. As School ended, all four young gangsters made alot of trouble in El Corona. Smashing Windows,Killing cats was just an normal day of Cesar. And Little Cesar,stepped one step forwards Aztecas.

Varrio Los Aztecas Gang Story. If3l55jyhpvdsob6433h

Chapter 3,Earnin' faria.

Summer just ended,school is starting. New ideas,friends,and all kind of stuff. After first day in school,Suddent sounds

** Angelica's shout: Ce'sar,pick up your phone eh, Its Juan. **
** Slowly answering and discuss starts **
Juan: '' Ay Cesar, **Low:** Want to earn some faria?''
Cesar: '' Si.. But where? ''
Juan: '' I will take mi' paps cuete,les' rob some foo's. ''
Cesar: '' A'it,les' meet at mi' casa ''

Juan tried to hide Fathers gun,but it was clearly visable for large distance. 357. Calibr Revolver,
strong for a roberry. Cesar was bit afraid,but tried to hide it. They picked up Felipe and Alberto too,for more backup. Felipe took his baseball bat,for safety.
All four your gangsters robbed two drug dealers,taking their money,but not drugs.
In first robbery Juan tried to take the drugs,but the view like Cesar looked at him,he dropped the marijuana right away.
First day passed, All four friends earned 527 dollars in total,Cesar earned a gun,Glock.18,and 184 dollars.

#2 We are jus' starting.

Chapter 1,Huge mistake.

After three days,Juan made idea to rob again. Everyone one agreed,so as did Cesar,he carried a hangun with him. Like an normal roberry everything was just fine. But.. This drug dealer had a gun himself,which he rised against Juan. Cesar took he's gun and aimed at the dealer. Cesar saw that Felipe is sneaking from Dealers behind with his bat,and he is about to hit and.. Gunshot,someone two sounds how people falls down. Cesar opens his eyes and looks around.
Juan is dead,and no one can save him. He falls on his knees hitting the gun against the ground and crying. Felipe is crying as well. Then Cesar sees the Alberto is looking thru his window,and running to Cesar. Alberto takes Cesars gun,and aims it towards the drug dealer. Alberto shot the whole clip in Dealers head, All Seven-teen bullets.
Cesar leaned to Juan,slowly taking off his Cyan rag,which was tied around his mouth,Kisses it,and closes Juans eyes.
This day has gone in Aztecas as the worse.

Chapter 2,Represent.

Cesar,Felipe and Alberto made a deal they will not rob another dealer of long time. They made their own little idea to start a gang. They made the Name of the gang because of
Varrio - Hood.
Los - The
Aztecas - Aztec, Hispanic.
Day by the they learned to fight,and earn respect. Many people joined the gang,and did all their best to give their time in it.
Cesar took his Fathers car,and let the wanna-be's spray it cyan blue. They drived around with it,Shouting ''VARRIO LOS AZTECAS!'', Gang earned respect,and with Respect,they earned Enemy's, Even worse, Rivals.
After representing Varrio, Cesar forgot that father will be home in one Hour,he drived the car in Garage,and acted there was nothing.
Diego feeled that Cesar is hiding something,and asked him. Cesar didn't lie and told him what happend.
As Diego saw the car, he Looked at Cesar with sad face and told. ''Ces',you know i liked it red,but Cyan looks mo' better on it'' Cesar was shocked about what his father told,and smiled to him.
That day were write in History with good.

Chapter 3,Varrio getting big.

Much days where passed when Varrio started to represent. People joined the gang like Gun shoots bullets. In a month there were 28 ragged members,and few wanna-be's which were about to join. El Corona was all over Cyan colors,serval gang tags on walls. Cesar understood that he is leader an hispanic gang,which would follow on every command. Varrio Los Aztecas cleared drug dealers until Skate Park,and every single drug dealer was afraid from Hispanic people or Cyan.
But as they killed dealers, they made Drug traffic mad on Varrio. If a dealer wanted to sell his park,he will not go on streets without a weapon. As Vagos were getting active on streets,aswell Vagos and Aztecas became Rivals. Vagos were forced to move North and East. Varrio holded tight,and keeped their hood at Little Mexico. Day by day the bad day is comming.

#3 Can't stop,won't stop.

Chapter 1,Vagos ain't leaving it.

Vagos started to feel unconfortable when their dealers are still dieing,and they must do something to change it. They setted an drive-by which crossed whole El Corona. 7 Ragged members died,house were shootted. So as was Cesars house. He's father Diego was changing his car Tire,and Angelica was making dinner in kitchen. Father was shot deadly,but Mother was shot in the Neck. She died in ambulance,the time she was getting transported to Hospital.
Cesar took it hard,and hitted the wall with his fist until he broke two fingers. He cry'd first time in life,and he looked at he's tears woundering,what are they. Whole Varrio was shocked about what happend,and Cesar made a meeting when he decide it all.

Chapter 2,Big Decision.

In meeting met all members of Varrio. Even wanna-be's had to listen to Cesar's speach. Cesar decided to continue the gang,and he said this gang is not dieing until everyone's rag fall all over blood. Everyone had something to say about the Drive-by,and everyone understood their loose.
Cesar took control of houses,which are end of the El Corona,Alberto took Little Mexico,but Felipe too Projects of El Corona. Cesar supplied weapons everyday ,and made sure almost everyone carry a weapon,which would protect him.
Varrio Los Aztecas didn't loose anything,wrong. They won experiance. First loose,and first day when Varrio setted things how they suppost to be.

Chapter 3,Kendl and Cesar.

Cesar met Kendl accidently. It was month before CJ came back to Los Santos.
It was at Gas Station. Cesar was walking back to his house from Little Mexico,but Kendl was filler her car there. Cesar bough some sprunk,and started to head to his house,but he heard an shuout from Kendl ''Wait!''.
Kendl Accidently filled her gas can full,bet she didn't had that much money. So she barrowed from cesar. Kendl said she must pay it back,so she gave her number. Cesar called her after two days,they met and Cesar
showed all his hood and houses. Kendl tried to hide that her brother is Leader Of Grove Street,but Cesar finded out that from Felipe. They both made deal that no one will keep talking around about that,but Sweet finded it out.
Cesar and Kendl are Strong together,and they are making Allies with Varrio Los Aztecas With whole Orange Grove Families.

Varrio Los Aztecas Gang Story. Gta-gangs-san-fierro-rifa-01

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Varrio Los Aztecas Gang Story. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Varrio Los Aztecas Gang Story.   Varrio Los Aztecas Gang Story. I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 30, 2010 8:11 pm

Story is done,Will be updated with New RP's and Events.
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Varrio Los Aztecas Gang Story.
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