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Police Department

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- Terms -

Arrest - To take a person into custody, by authority of law, for the purpose of charging him/her with a criminal offense. An arrest is proper when an officer observes criminal behavior or reasonably believes the individual has engaged in criminal behavior; or upon warrant issued by a judge or magistrate.

Back up - To assist another officer.

Bail - Money or security bond posted with the court to guarantee an appearance.

Burglary - Illegally entering or remaining in a building, vehicle, or water craft, with intent to commit any felony or theft.

Case - The complete investigation report of a crime.

Cite - Give someone a ticket.

Cite Out - Release on a signed promise to appear without posting cash bail.

Citizen - Anyone not part of the police force; person requesting service.

Clout - Stealing items from an unlocked vehicle.

Cold Paper - A case report from a very old crime.

Detective - A sworn member of the Department responsible for the follow-up investigation of crime.

Going Down - Happening now.

Hit - Information match found; i.e., warrant is outstanding.

Homicide - The unlawful killing of a human being. Includes both murder and manslaughter.

Intimidation - To threaten another in order to influence his behavior. The threat may include physical harm, restraint, confinement, or accusations of crime (even if true).

Joint - Marijuana cigarette.

Juvenile - A person under 17 years of age, also referred to as a youth.

Knock and Talk - To go talk to someone at their house without a warrant.

Line-Up - Daily pre-work meeting of the patrol team.

Miranda - Warning of constitutional right to remain silent and to have legal representation.

Misdemeanor - Less serious violation of law- penalty of county jail and or fine only.

Mug - Face; booking photograph.

On the Box - Being given a lie detector test.

On-View - Observed while it happened; witnessed.

Packing - Carrying a firearm.

Perimeter - Exterior positions at a crime scene.

Photo Lineup - Group of six photos, with one of the suspect, for witnesses to identify.

Priors - Any previous arrests for a specific crime.

Prisoner - Someone arrested and in custody.

Respond - To go somewhere or to cause something or someone else to go somewhere.

Ride - Vehicle

Roll - To admit a crime and now cooperate with police.

Run - To check a person or a vehicle for warrants and stolen status.

Run Out - To get all the available data information on a person or vehicle.

Sector - Geographical subdivision of a city, such as Sector 1 - southeast.

Slug - Bullet or projectile.

Smack - 1. Heroin. 2. Talking smack - insulting, threatening, harassing, verbally abusing.

Snitch - Someone who gives information to police.

Stop - Vehicle pullover and also a pedestrian stop.

Sustained - Personnel complaint that is upheld by Internal Affairs.

Tat - Tattoo, especially prison or jail tattoos.

Unit - Police vehicle.

Verbal - Verbal warning.

Victim - The person who was directly victimized by the crime.

Visual - Able to see as in under observation.

Warrant - Order from a Court commanding the arrest of someone, for something.

Went Down - Happened.

X - Involvement of a female, typically in dispatch of incident or crime.
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Police Terms
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