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 Los Santos Police Department

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Police Department

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- Los Santos Police Department -

Los Santos Police Department Lspd

The Los Santos Police Department was founded in the year 1853, since then it has always served and protected the citizens of Los Santos from any type of minor and major crime. The current number of police officers is just over 10 000, plus 3000 associated civilian staff, making it one of the largest police departments in the territory of the United States. Its main building is located in Pershing Square, Commerce. The highest rank, in control of the LSPD is called Chief of Police. The LSPD currently operates with 4 divisions and 10 sub-divisions. The most known of them are the Crime Investigation Division (CID) and Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT).
Los Santos Police Department 800pxlspdhqgtasaThe Crime Investigation Division handles all criminal investigations in the city of Los Santos. It was opened in 1993, after the closure of the now defunct Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums (CRASH) division, due to a string of public controversies in 1992. The investigation division was created with the idea of organized minor and major crime to be dealt with a different and more wiser approach than from before. The LSPD selects to recruit only the best working and record clean police officers, to take the positions of detectives and operate within it. All procedures are controlled by the person called 'head of CID', who is also taking a high rank within the LSPD structure.
The Special Weapons and Tactics is a division specialized for high risk situations involving more organized work and combat tactics and weaponry use. The SWAT officers are specially trained to operate with heavy damage weapons and special equipment in order to gain control over so called deadly situations. The head in charge of SWAT is called 'SWAT Division Commander'. Another notable division is the Air Support Division (ASD), responsible for any air related operations and movements with the LSPD helicopters by specially trained police officer pilots.

Each member who joins the Los Santos police starts from the rank of Police Officer I. Depending on his timed served in the law, by promotions he can reach the rank of Senior Lead Officer, which gives him semi-leading permissions and bigger responsibilities. From that point, only trusted officers are chosen for a promotion in a selective manner to the rank of Sergeant, as it gives bigger powers and control over lower ranked officers, thus only good performing members are chosen for it, based on their work history, knowledge and administrative abilities. The above higher ranks are into the police administration and serve with a far bigger control power within the department. Lieutenant, Captain, Commander and Chief of Police, form a part of the LSPD called the 'High Command'. This part discusses and takes any decisions for the current state and future of the LSPD, and every rank's opinion and suggestion is taken in count, respectively depending on his rank. The CID has an own rank system, sorting its members by the ranks of Detective and Senior Detective.

Rank Structure
  • Police Officer I
  • Police Officer II
  • Police Officer III
  • Detective
  • Senior Lead Officer
  • Sergeant
  • Senior Detective
  • Lieutenant
  • Captain
  • Commander
  • Chief of Police
  • Air Support Division
  • Crime Investigation Division
  • Recruitment Division
  • Special Weapons and Tactics
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Los Santos Police Department
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