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 Lo$ Santoz Ballaz IC Rulez.

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Lo$ Santoz Ballaz IC Rulez. Empty
PostSubject: Lo$ Santoz Ballaz IC Rulez.   Lo$ Santoz Ballaz IC Rulez. I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 22, 2010 8:30 pm

1. Respect the leader and his best men, they are here for your protection.
2.You can sell harddrugs to make our enemys crackheads, but don't let me see you selling Harddrugs to our own people. Softdrugs only.
3.Respect those who are higher ranked then you
4.If we see you hangin with cops or even talking with enemies, you are going down.
5.Don't be chillin at enemy's hood, or we are blamin' you for snitchin' right away
6.I Don't want the cops all over us, so keep cool.
7.Respect the allies, we need them.

When read, paste the text "Los Santos Ballas" into you're application.
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Lo$ Santoz Ballaz IC Rulez.
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