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 Yakuza Rules.

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Yakuza Rules. Empty
PostSubject: Yakuza Rules.   Yakuza Rules. I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 22, 2010 8:53 pm


1. Dont MetaGame
2. Dont PowerGame
3. Dont Car Kill
4. Dont DeathMatch
5. Always RolePlay
6. Dont Team Kill
7. Never Disrespect Server/Forum Administrators


1.Respect the Family Boss and First/Second lieutenant

2.If you Pass any Secret Info to enemies or betray us,your considered Dead.

3.Any Money you Earn will be transferd to our family accountants,if you shall not do this,you will be punished.

4.always help each other in the family.

5.Do Not,and i mean,Do not! Deal or anything with enemies,the one who will be seen doing that,considered dead.

These are the Rules for Now

If you have read and understood the rules,right in your apply "Yakuza Elite"
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Yakuza Rules.
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