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 Los Santos Mafia Rules

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PostSubject: Los Santos Mafia Rules    Sun Jul 25, 2010 7:21 pm

Starting with In Character

Never mix IC with OOC.If i hear u do it from somebody you'll get warned.The reporter needs to have at least 1 proof that the Mafia guy really mix it.
Don't be a gangster.We are mafia mans not gangsters.Don't kill anyone without a good reason of killing.I mean business or others.Anyone who got a personal problem with somebody needs to talk with me first before make any action!
Think good before using a gun.If u do it do it with your mind.I don't need anyone to get killed.
Stay neutral with cops.Don't shoot them or anything else because you can have some troubles with me.

Out Of Character Rules

Never flame admins:--Will get u kicked/banned from faction--depends the case
Never insult other players for RP skills:--They can learn as we/you've done.
Don't PG--For new players.This is Powergaming--This don't allows you to do stuff that you can't do IRL.
Don't RK--For new players.This is RevengeKilling--If somebody kills you in an RP way don't go back and start DM him.If he DM you don't do that to,take a picture and I'll talk with the admins about it.
Don't MG--For new players.This is Metagaming--Never mix what u know OOC IC...you can be warned/kicked by an admin.You can get warned even by me.
Don't DM--For new players.This is DeathMatching--Never go an kill any1 or shoot him without reasons and using commands that fits the RP.Killing somebody in an RP way it's allowed
Always RP--You should know at least what this means.Do stuff like in real life.Don't be a hero.
Don't CK-I mean the Car Kill not the Character Kill!!!

If you want to join the family you need to agree with all this rules saying the word.Mafia Gets You Down in your application form.If you don't put that then u can be denied!

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Los Santos Mafia Rules
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