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 Los Santos Mafia Ranks

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PostSubject: Los Santos Mafia Ranks   Sun Jul 25, 2010 7:50 pm

Capo Crimini/capo de tutti capi:Boss of the Bosses -Only one person can reach this rank!!!

Consigliere: The advisor/family counselor-Only one person can reach this rank!!!

Capo Bastone or Underboss:second in command-Only one person can reach this rank!!!

Contabile:Financial advisor

Caporegime or Capodecima:Lieutenant, typically heads a faction of 10 or more soldiers comprising a "crew"

Sgarrista:A foot soldier who carries out day to day business of the family. A "made" member of the mafia

Piciotto:Lower-ranking soldiers,enforcers.Also known in the streets as the "button man"

Giovane D'Honore:Mafia associate, typically an informer,not a member(wannabe)
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Los Santos Mafia Ranks
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